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Hogwarts Folks is an online RPG(Role playing game). It is intended for fun only. This is not a real thing. All the characters are fake and came from the beautiful mind of J.K Rowling.

This RPG is an Harry Potter only one. Therefore, there will just be Harry Potter characters(unless you talk to me, Amy-somewhere_someday@hotmail.com about creating a new character. I will most likely say yes to it). Voldermort is alive in this.

This will take place two years after Harry, Ron, and Hermione graduate from Hogwarts. So, we can have characters like Ginny in this game.


1.Please be consideriate of the other players. We are here to have fun, and not to bicker with other people.

2.Please stay in character. You can have some OOC posts, but please try to limit them.

3.Slash and het are permitted. You may do what you want with this, but please be considerate of other players that don't want to read what you are doing with your 'parter'. Therefore, if you are up to something, put it in a cut tag.

4.If you want to plot a plan, please do so on AIM. It makes everything a lot easier than doing so with tons of other messaging services. If you don't have AIM it is a free service, www.aim.com.

5.If you have a plot which involves a lot of characters it would be in best considiration to ask me first. However if it is a minor storyline, go ahead and do it.

6.Don't take things happening in this game personally. Its only a game and we are here to have fun. You aren't your character.

7.You should always have a reason for where you are. Example: Ron works at Hogwarts so he is usualy there for work. Understand?

8.If you should leave on vacation let's say, please contact me and I will hold your character until you get back.

9.Please post at least once every week. Again, there will be certain circumstances if you are away. If you don't post, I will have to contact you and give you a fare warning.

10.We have an OOC communityindiehogwarts Please use that to post OOC posts. For example post things such as leaving, introducing yourself and so on.

If you wish to join please send me a application with:
Your Name
Characters Name
Description of the character
What you hope to achieve with your character in this Role Playing Game
Sample Entry(150 words min)
Please send it to somewhere_someday@hotmail.com and I'll check it out!


Ron Weasley/ _ron_weasley_/ Oh Scarlet One

Harry Potter/ harrypotterxxx/Karmastaya

Hermione Granger/ _mione_/ Karmastaya

Fred Weasley/ _fred_weasley_/ Oh Scarlet One

Draco Malfoy/ sinfulslytherin / Caramelkz

Morag Macdougal/ morag_macdougal Yahoo: sofie_elisabeth

Ginny Weasley/ gin_weasley/ThaGirlsGotMoxie

Susan Bones/ sexysusan_bones AliciaApricot

Fleur Delacour/ beautyfleur/ Alicia Apricot

Ciaran Weasley/ ciaran_w/ Oh Scarlet One

Seamus Finnigan/ _seamus_f/ Oh Scarlet One

Bill Weasley/ will__weasley/

Faelynn Forier/whiterose_tears/ AliciaApricot

George Weasley/ wizardweezes_gw/ ALiciaApricot